An concept for an app for guiding people in bettering their lives by way of learning, habits, and facilitating reflection.

This is primarily a massive collection of ideas for now and in no way resembles an MVP. More of an exploration of what's possible.

Problems Being Solved

Questions, comments, feedback?

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These components are separate entities but integrate with each other allowing for the use of just one or the other, or ideally both:


Modules are the core - highly actionable, rich guides for skills, habits, and knowledge.

They could be created by an interested third party, say Nike for running - the app would give them a framework to fit into with exposure to people and the app would receive content in return. This is also the cleanest revenue stream I can imagine right now.

What differentiates a module from a self-help book, an article, or even an in-person class?

Open Questions

Possible Modules

Some of these are more on the guide side while others are more on the framework side. Further division will be necessary.


General Reading, Video, Inspiration

How Your Phone Can Help You Set Better Habits

A decent explanation of the concepts, loops, and factors involved but little mention of any specific apps.

Brilliant | Math and science done right

A very promising approach to online learning of complex STEM topics. Am personally trying it out now.

Learning is Earning - a concept video by Institute for the Future.

Learning is Earning - a concept video by Institute for the Future.

Current Offerings

A small sampling of what's out there now.